Sunday Smile: Guillermina Wants Your Attention

We’ve mentioned before that Guillermina and Bambi often hang out near each other during foot care. Bambi has gotten better at focusing on what she needs to do in those moments rather than watch Guille, but she does seem to enjoy Guille’s presence. With this Sunday Smile, you can see that Guillermina is doing whatever she can to get attention – all while Bambi has her foot well positioned on the fence. The two elephants seem to have a genuine affection for each other, so Bambi just carries on doing what she needs to do while Guille has a silly moment.


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    Nancy says


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    Melinda says

    So sweet! I love them both so much!

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    Meredith says

    How and when did you folks learn about foot care? In the wild does daily movement take care of it? Will some or all of those at GSE need it throughout their lives?

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      Sara says

      Once you’ve worked with elephants for even a small amount of time, you learn how important foot care is. In the wild, elephants wear down their pads and nails naturally.

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      Kat Blais says

      Scott has been working with elephants since he was 15 and Kat for over 15 years, unfortunately, foot disease is a leading killer of captive elephants, so it is something you are exposed to and have to learn all about. Due to the negative impact of captivity- lack of movement, unnatural surfaces, unclean enclosures (it’s impossible to get all of the urine and feces out of the dirt of a small enclosure) all captive elephants will require foot care. Elephants like Maia, who has pretty healthy feet, needs trimming and care less than most of the girls. And of course, Lady needs more than everyone. But due to decades of an improper life, they will all need some level of attention.- kat

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    Patricia says

    These girls! It’s hard to express how happy they make me! They are beyond adorable! Smoochies to Bambi and Guille! 😘😘😘

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    Tammy says

    These girls i tell ya they sure do know how to keep an audience mesmerized and always wanting more more more dont they! 😙🐘💞🤗🐘

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    Terry says

    Love the Light hearts!!!

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    Carey says

    They love their attention and treats don’t they? This is very cute, thankyou. Thanks for the full explanation Kat

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