Some Footwork for Maia

GuidaToday was another Guida and Rana morning. After no one showed up at the barn all day yesterday, Guida and Rana arrived together early today. The two were nice and calm, no nudges.  Maia showed up about half an hour later, so we took advantage and did some footwork with her.

Maia and Guida’s feet are in pretty good condition, and nature does a great job with caring for them, but we do know that as layers wear away, some of the issues from their past may be uncovered. Six years on chains, standing in their own waste didn’t do their feet any favors. This time we found a couple of spots where the pad was a little softer than the rest, nothing that looks major, but something we’ll work on over the next couple of weeks when she comes back to the barn.

Elephant footwork is a bit of an art form and over trimming can cause more damage than doing nothing at all. So while it would be nice if we could just fix all of the issues by trimming everything out, it doesn’t work that way. So we trim, let the body heal a bit, then trim again.

The photo- cheeky Miss Guida

February 27, 2019

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