Ramba the Elephant: She Squeaks


February Ramba update from Lauren:  “I was trimming the willows today and wanted to get one high branch that was hanging above the fence on the lions’ side. This is where I’ve seen Ramba step on the bottom bar of the fence to stretch for the willows.

It was too tall for me but I was able to pull it down enough that Ramba could reach it if she tried. I pulled it down and told her “Look! Grab it! Hurry I can’t hold it much longer!” She reached up and pulled but didn’t have a good grip so it slipped out of her trunk and I lost hold of the branch. “Let’s try again,” I said, I pulled and again she reached. This time when she got hold of the tip of the branch she twirled it around the end of her trunk to have a better grip and “crack!” She got an eight foot branch! We were both excited, I was laughing and told her how brilliant she is and she agreed with smiley eyes, ear flaps and a squeak/grunt! This is the first time I’ve heard her vocalize. What a fun day!!!”

We’ve mentioned before that aside from rumbles and trumpets, Ramba hasn’t really vocalized yet. We heard a truck pop twice and a squeak once, in the months we’ve spent with her, but each time we questioned what we thought we heard. It is really nice to hear that Ramba let another squeak slip out.

Past zoo keepers of elephants, who have come to visit them later at sanctuary, almost always mention how they’ve never heard their elephants make any of the noises they do at sanctuary. Generally, it’s only when an elephant feels truly comfortable that they express their joy, fear and other emotions through their own personal vocalizations. We look forward to hearing more noises from our cute peach once she arrives at sanctuary. Our hope it, she that she will be very chatty once she has another elephant to talk with.

You can help care for Ramba by donating a much needed supply or goody off of her Wishlist.


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    Alvex says

    Elephant squeaking means happiness excitement? That’s what I’ve heard. But one article meantioned the squeaking meaning they’re frightened or upset. I guess that scientists don’t know for sure what squeaking means

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      Sara says

      In cases like this, the squeaking is excitement. At sanctuary, we never heard Ramba squeak from fear. There are many different types of “squeak”.

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