Who Needs Roads?

rain roads

We mentioned the rain yesterday….well apparently it was a lot of rain. Our friend who has lived here for 26 years said he has never seen anything like it. Which we guess is comforting since it made a mess of the roads between the small town 6 km. away from us and, well essentially everyone else. 

Our delivery guy has been great, he will hang around in Chapada until Monday at no extra charge while the city works on the roads and we try to find a way for him to safely get here. He may be able to enter the property from the East instead-we have someone checking on those roads to find out if they will hold up to a very heavy tractor trailer.

Everything is good on the property, just wet and muddy. If we had elephants already they would be thrilled. The skid steer we rented arrived yesterday thankfully, so Scott has spent the day (between rain storms) working on the interior roads here. There’s never a shortage of things to do at sanctuary.

11057468_859406530836982_2387834133962286621_oThe top photo is where a bridge washed out. According to people in the next town over, a total of 3 bridges in this area washed out during the storm. The bottom photo is where the road just eroded from underneath. Our friend was on his way here to help out the guys who dropped off the skid steer last night-but he was stopped short. It’s dark, so you can’t see fully, but he said there was about 6 feet washed away underneath. Mother nature is always impressive and apparently she likes very green grass.

January 30, 2016

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