Nothing Brings Us More Joy…

Maia and GuidaAlthough we love our time and relationships with Maia and Guida, nothing brings us more joy than to see what they mean to each other.

This is what sanctuary is about, giving elephants a space where they can shed their past and their labels. A safe place that allows ‘antisocial’ ‘aggressive’ and ‘people elephants’ to develop deep bonds that feed their soul. We provide the land, respect and care but they are the ones that share a much more intimate journey and help each other¬†to find themselves again.

Maia and Guida would not be the two elephants in the photo if they didn’t have each other. We are so grateful they’ve had each other and we look forward to seeing how much more they grow when other elephants join them.

Elephants are herd animals, captivity doesn’t change that, at times it simply chooses to take that away.

photo- fuzzy Maia on the left and flappy Guida on the right

August 21, 2018


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