More Muddy Fun For the Girls

After a few days of everyone shifting around, Lady has been enjoying herself in Yard 4 and the other elephants were grazing in Yard 5. It was time for Rana and Mara’s treatment, so the five of them walked into the smaller yards by the barn so they could go into the chutes to be examined. For some reason, lately the group of five really enjoys spending time in this area. During the morning, all of them got very close to each other and started having some mini-parties. There were lots of rumbles and elephants standing in configurations that caregivers rarely see. That doesn’t mean that they’re not breaking off into different groups at other times, just that we’re not around to see it.

All of the girls seem to love the mud wallow near the barn. Even before breakfast, Maia will stop and cover herself completely. After their treatments, Rana and Mara went directly there for a good, muddy splash. Everyone was there at various times throughout the day. It’s wonderful to see the mud wallows filling up when it rains, knowing how much they’ll be enjoyed by all of the elephants, no matter which yard they’re in.

Photo of Mara and Rana


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    Claudia says

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    SHEILA says

    Good Girls. Just hanging out. Mudding around. Rana and Mara Got ur treatments, now ur hood to go and mud up. Then go browsing and looking around maybe snooze too. All great in Jungle heaven!!

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