Maia Kicking the Pail

Guida continues to do well. Physically she is all good, the only thing that isn’t ‘normal’ just yet is her attitude. She has been a bit pushy since feeling better, some of it related to the hourly small feedings and care she received while sick (she seemed to enjoy the spoiling.) Guida actually tried to push Maia off of her breakfast the other morning. Maia didn’t seem to care, she was finished anyway, but it was definitely out of the ordinary. Guida was more relaxed and less pushy today, although not quite there yet.

This video is from when Guida was sick. You can see her lying down behind Maia (watch for the mound that flaps its ears  ). Although Maia chose to stay with her sister, there was were clearly times that she was bored. Because hydration is so vital during colic, a blue soft plastic pail with water was left next to Guida in case she decided to drink. At this point in the day, Maia ended up helping herself and then kicking it around for a bit. A little later she went off with Rana and left Guida to rest. Maia really tries so hard to be ‘good’ even though she is already amazing.

March 26, 2019


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    Sherry says

    Awww, they need a big ball to push around for entertainment and maybe when they are confused about things and get frustrated! I can see sometimes they are out of sorts just like humans sometimes!
    Thank you sanctuary for taking good care of the elephants!

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