Maia and Guillermina Play at the Pond

On a sunny afternoon, Rana, Mara, and Bambi were having an easygoing time at the mud wallow, while Lady was near the barn grazing. At the same time, Guillermina and Maia were having a ball together in the pond. Play between the two of them has become a regular thing at the sanctuary, which is positive, since they both enjoy a bit of roughhousing from time to time. 

Because Guille never had the opportunity to play in this way as a child, these days she’s making the most of every respectful opportunity that arises. Maia offers Guille the chance to release her youthful spirit, allowing her to be the high-energy elephant that she sometimes needs to be. This aspect of their relationship may be encouraging Guille to grow her relationships with the other girls more, since she is learning to respect individuality. Some friends want to be silly and others would rather not. 

Maia also has the opportunity to open herself up to an energetic elephant – something she’s never fully had the chance to do. While she and Guida had a beautiful relationship and could be silly together, Guida was never much for Maia’s rough and tumble behaviors. Maia seems to be showing different aspects of her personality to Guillermina that she’s not really been able to express confidently with the rest of the sanctuary herd. 

P.S.: Something interesting to note about this video: there’s a moment when Maia gets down on her knees on the side of the pond, putting herself at Guille’s level. Even though Maia is the dominant one in this relationship, this shows how gentle she can also be in those silly situations. She’s putting herself in what is essentially a submissive position – because it’s not a quick thing for an elephant to pop right back up after sitting or lying down. There’s a trust that appears to be cementing between the two of them that deepens as their bond grows.  


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    Sue says

    This just warms my heart and of course I love the elephant side-by-side butt shot at the end 🤣🥰❤️🐘. Thank you for sharing! It is so wonderful to see the Girl’s gaining so much from their growing relationships. I love our herd!!! Thank you as always for all you do! ❤️

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    Pauline says

    Priceless! Thanks for taking such good care of them! I was so happy when I heard they were being moved into your sanctuary a few years ago!

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    Tracy H says

    This is so beautiful to watch. So Happy that Maia has that silly side that Guille needs as a young Ele. She is growing and learning so much from each and everyone of the girls. Love to see them happy and doing whatever they want to do. As I’ve said many times before, this is heaven on earth for all these lovely ladies. Love them all so much🐘🐘

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    Heidi says

    The way she kinda does a belly flop, gets down on her knees, then sticks her bum in the air… that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know elephants behaved that way! Like a puppy doing a play bow.

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      Sara says

      It can be similar to that!

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