Maia and Guille Have a Quiet Afternoon

During the afternoon, Maia and Guille were hanging out in the yards near the barn. They were relatively quiet all afternoon – very soft and easy. Scott had renovated the mud wallow in Yard 1, so they both decided to get in, acting cute and silly, but not over the top. It was another hot day, so Maia’s energy wasn’t as high as Guille’s, and Guille was doing her best to match her energy to Maia’s. That seemed to work because soon they were doing a little bit of touching and rubbing their sides together. The two seemed to have a lovely day, grazing as a pair, going off on their own, then coming together again. 

When it was time for dinner, the two elephants were walking along the fence between Yards 4 and 5 and Guille got relatively close to Lady before Lady walked away. They continued on to meet up with the other girls, still calm. Overall, it was a pleasant day. The softness and tenderness between Maia and Guillermina was obvious and charming to see.


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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Perfectly described as softness and tenderness. These two girls are continuing along the path of mourning and grief, and it obviously has helped to grow their friendship. Wonderful to witness.

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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Que suerte tuvo Guillermina que desde su llegada con su mama Pocha,Maia estuvo interesada en ella,porque asi cuando Pocha partio,la nena encontro un gran apoyo🙏🫂🐘❤️

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    Julie says

    Another lovely day at sanctuary. I’m not sure which one is which. Maia and Guille look like sisters!

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      Sara says

      Guille is on the left and Maia is on the right.

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    John says

    I recall once seeing a zookeeper interviewed about the elephant he was tasked to take care of. He tried to explain how the elephant had a close relationship with the humans and didn’t need other elephants. Right.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Yes… “right.” At least you knew that to be untrue.

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    Sheila says

    So wonderful to see comment Guillie 🐘got quite close to Mz🐘 Lady. Oh my. Excellent. That’s a great sign.Maybe Lady likes Guillie! 💖I sure hope this curiosity returns and perhaps Lady wants more attention.? This would be so Awesome and Amazing🤩

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    Terry says

    Such a feeling of connection. Would Guille be the taller of the two? Sweetness and friendship!

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      Sara says

      Yes, Guille is the taller elephant.

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    Carey says

    Completely wonderful on so many levels. Thank you for keeping us updated about the unfolding friendship between these two.

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