Maggie and Rana


Just a quickie today because our 17 yr. old dog Maggie isn’t feeling well. She has battled liver issues for over 6 years and she is having a flare up. Some of you know her from TES where she found Scott many years ago. She is a cattle dog and tough as nails, but her old body is a little tired. 

That made for less computer time today, but it doesn’t make Rana any less cute. This lady LOVES her mud. Something so simple that she was deprived of for so long, that brings her such joy. The photo was from this morning when we drove out to feed her breakfast. Yep, she was in the habitat for breakfast, again.   More on that another day.

Rana also did her first rumble when we drove up for breakfast the other day and three squeaks after she had her cleaning and treatment in the early afternoon. She is opening up very quickly.


January 1, 2019


Maggie the dog



  1. REPLY
    Susan Hunt says

    Maggie is stunning and needless to say so is muddy Rana. My thoughts and prayers go out to Maggie, such an old girl. You are no strangers to the heartbreak of losing these beloved creature when it is their time to go play at Rainbow Bridge. It is the thought of that reunion that often keeps me going. May you have many more years together with all of your animal companions. Blessing to all of you. My best wishes for an amazing and glorious 2019.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    WOW, Maggie has lived a long life and had real good care this is obvious! She is a good looking dog!
    Thank you, sanctuary for doing a wonderful job with your animals.
    I love the GSforE and all animals in your care!

  3. REPLY
    Sue says

    Sending out lots of extra prayers for Maggie. Such a beauty. Thank you for the update on Rana. Intrigued to hear about breakfast in the habitat, lol. Looking so forward to learning more about her personality! xoxox

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