Launching Today! Global Rumblings Podcast

Each day we share some small moment of sanctuary life with you as a way to shine a light on some of the larger parts of what it’s like to live and work with elephants in a sanctuary setting. It brings us joy to share these anecdotes, large and small, because there’s importance in revealing the truth behind each elephant’s history and growth and the reality of what it takes to run a sanctuary, from a practical and a big-picture point of view. 

Many times we’ve heard our supporters say that we should write a book about our experiences and, while that might be a (very) far-off project, we do understand that there’s much to share about the sanctuary and how it came to be, what we’ve learned from the elephants in our past, and how bringing a sanctuary to life opens up a window into personal growth – for humans and for elephants. Our goal is to share some of these things in a deeper context, devoting more time to subjects that are central to our story and our mission.

With this in mind, we settled on a way we feel will allow us to connect with you on a larger and personal platform. Please join us as we launch the Global Rumblings podcast and begin the tale of how Global Sanctuary for Elephants came to be – the struggles and the pull that Scott and Kat felt in their hearts to begin a project that seemed almost impossible. Every other week, the story will evolve and continue, as we reveal more about what we’ve learned and how the elephants we’ve been lucky enough to work with have shaped our lives and work. 

Visit our Global Rumblings podcast page for information on how and where to subscribe and find each episode:

Photo of Bambi (with Mara in the background)


  1. REPLY
    Barb says

    Simply outstanding! Thank you for the podcasts and letting us in to the lives of elephants! Great idea!

  2. REPLY
    Melinda says

    Sounds awesome!

  3. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Amazing!!! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences this way i believe it will be more on a personal level bringing us all even closer together with that one special bond that one common goal we share of saving these gorgeous well deserving family of incredibly beautiful special elephants! “Let the fun begin” 💞

  4. REPLY
    Carey says

    Just listened, WOW! So interesting to hear both Kat’s and Scott’s take on things. In some ways things have come really far since 1995, we forget, I forget the way it was and still is until we learn better. I remember watching Tyke on video so clearly too, I can never unsee her fear and the horror of it all. It’s been good to listen and remember and learn, and for me, realise there’s still a lot to do, circus is still “normal” for so many. Thank you.

  5. REPLY
    Joanne Kessler says

    I’m very excited about the podcast. Thank you

  6. REPLY
    Joy Ripley says

    So grateful to you, on behalf of the elephants, for this priceless opportunity to learn more about these beautiful, endearing souls and opportunities to advocate!

  7. REPLY
    Shelley Russell says

    I so look forward to hearing the podcast! What a wonderful idea! Love and support to Kat and Scott and the rest of the team for the great work that has been accomplished and continues….

  8. REPLY
    Alice says

    The podcast was wonderful and I look forward to new ones coming up. How amazing is it that an elephant impressed upon Scott that she was grateful for the respect he gave her, thus starting an entire career in developing sanctuary for these deserving beings? Thank you again, Scott and Kat for those choices that you made.

  9. REPLY
    Katie Howard says

    This was phenomenal! I am thrilled you have started this series. You know us – we can’t get enough of all things GSE 😁 Your interviewer is top notch also and the production is very conversational. We rarely get to hear interaction between Scott & Kat and this is refreshing.
    I know these interviews will barely scratch the surface of the path you’ve followed to create GSE, but the backstory (even what you don’t say), is fascinating and compelling. The elephant passion you both have shines bright!
    Thank you, for everything ❤️

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