Happy 3rd Re-Birthday, Mara!

It’s a big week here at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Not only did we celebrate Guillermina’s 1st re-birthday yesterday, but today we get to shine a light on Mara for her 3rd sanctuary re-birthday. 

Mara has spent another year surrounded by friends – often grazing and sharing time, but also occasionally exploring new spaces. It’s fulfilling to see her gradually embracing Guillermina, as Guille has so much to learn from Mara, and all of her senior mentors. Mara is sometimes a little slower when it comes to building new relationships. She adores her two besties, who can be heard celebrating life in their chorus of rumbles and squeaks most nights, but with some of the others, she sometimes has a few reservations. Aside from her always-radiant eyes and her ever-audible squeaks, one of the greatest sights of this year with Mara is when her hesitations fall away, allowing Guille to see the beautiful spirit within as they both embrace the world more fully.

In this video, you can see Mara enjoying a delicious birthday treat, full of all her favorite fruits and vegetables, although most of her preferred snacks have already been eaten. A well-deserved meal for the lovely Miss Mara. 


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    Alejandra Enquin says


  2. REPLY
    Allison says

    Happy 3rd re-Birthday sweetheart 😘

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    Lori Hoover says

    I remember when Mara was the butterball looking ellie at the zoo, wearing her whitish chalk looking dirt. I remember Rana’s reaction to Mara………..the amazing connection made between them, and eventually, Bambi as well. I remember her struggles with her stomach issues and digestion, and the worry that brought. To see her now, continuing to grow and seemingly so much better, is amazing. I love that she still wants her special feeding time, though, LOL
    Happy ReBirthday to Mara, and many, many more.

  4. REPLY
    Alana says

    Happy Birthday Mara. Learning & enjoying the ways of FREEDOM!

  5. REPLY
    Wim says

    Happy 3rd Re-Birthday Miss Mara.
    You deserve your own place, embrace your private space. May the herd be kind and joyful.

  6. REPLY
    Johnny says

    I do appreciate the times you have a video and no one speaks. It allows me, the observer, to have my own experience up close to an elephant or elephants. Thank you for that.

  7. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    Happy Birthday Mara I think she will trust again just takes time I am sure we’ve all had trust issues in our life

  8. REPLY
    JamesMichael says

    Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Mara. Three years of Freedom, Love and Friendship …you deserve all the good things life has to offer . Enjoy your day , Sweet Mara…and all of the many years to come. XOXOX

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    Audrey says

    Wishing Mara a very Happy Elephant Birthday 🐘❤️🎉

  10. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Well Happy Happy reBirthday Mara you pretty girl you! So glad to see you doing so well you are such a great mentor to Guille who has been through such a huge loss. Its been three years already wow. Mara you enjoy your special day you deserve it! Sending lots of love and big birthday hugs 🐘 🥳 💞 🤗

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    Terry says

    Happy 3 sweet Mara!!! I wish you so many, many more!!!

    How many pounds of fruit and veggies do you go through in a week???

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    Pauline says

    I am so, so happy for Mara (and all your other residents). I am sure I have seen Mara at the zoo, here in Buenos Aires, and even though she was loved and cared for, I believe that now she is free and happy. Thank you for your love and dedication to these “angels”

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