Mara and Bambi Explore Across the Creek

As Rana has been spending time wandering in Yard 5, Mara and Bambi decided they were going to take another step into that same yard to discover a little more about a space they rarely explore. In fact, Mara has only been in Yard 5 a few times. So they walked across the creek in Yard 4 and into the neighboring space. We allow them to make the choice as to whether they want to move into the other yard. 

While this exploration was atypical behavior for them, it was lovely to see how willing they were to expand their horizons. It’s always possible that Rana’s desire to discover has encouraged them to break off on their own and seek out new experiences themselves. They stayed on the far side of Yard 4 all afternoon, while Guille was happy to remain in a more familiar part of Yard 4, where she seems to be most comfortable most of the time.

Photo of Bambi


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    Terry says

    You go girls! Way to be curious!!!

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