Five Girls in the Rain

On this rainy afternoon, while Lady was in Yard 5, the other elephants gathered near the barn for some time together. You’ll see Maia on the left, then Guillermina, Rana, and Bambi. Mara is hidden behind Rana, but makes an appearance after a moment or two. Guille found a spot near Rana with some nice mud to cover herself with before walking off for a little while. 

Rana, Mara, and Bambi took some time to celebrate when Maia walked over to join their group. You can see that Rana’s tail sticks out a bit, seemingly in excitement. Then Bambi gives one of her deep rumbles, followed by a trumpet from Rana and some Mara squeaks. After a short while, Guille decides to rejoin her sisters, squeezing her way right into the middle of the group. Eventually, Maia wanders off in another direction, though she stays in the same vicinity as the other elephants. The entire afternoon was filled with parties both big and small and it was a promising relationship progression to see Maia being so present with the rest of the girls.


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    Sue says

    Oh my 🥰, I have to say this is one of my favorite videos 👍🏻. It gives me such joy getting to see the Herd hanging out all together. One day maybe Lovely Lady will be there, too! so heartearming! If I was there, I’d want to do exactly what Guille did, lol, scoot myself right in the middle of the girls! Thank you for sharing and making my day! 🐘❤️🐘

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    Carol says

    This video was absolutely fabulous! I could watch these ladies for hours! Love love love them ALL!!!!

  3. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    an absolutely perfect video–thank you!

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    Terry says

    I just love watching their every move and listening to their conversations with the magic of rain!!!

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    Johnny says

    I like seeing an elephant walking at their full gait. I get a better sense of them. When Guille goes past the camera and then away from it, I see them at their most energetic. They are dynamic creatures to say the least. Thanks for this video.

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    Carey says

    Stunning, and chatty. Wonderful to see them all together

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