Finding Mara and Rana in Yard 4

As Scott explains in this video, Mara hasn’t always been keen on crossing to this particular area of Yard 4. Perhaps all she needed was a gentle nudge from a friend to encourage her to overcome any insecurities she may have had. Both Mara and Rana were relaxed enough to get treatment along the fence line and are enjoying the last of the snacks they got as a result.

P.S.: You may have noticed a spot on Rana’s right front leg. It’s a wound that she came to sanctuary with and one that rears its head from time to time. It was treated on the morning the video was taken, and because of the oil that was used for treatment, it’s more prominent than usual. It’s likely an old hook wound from her time at the circus that abscessed and didn’t heal, which is unfortunately common. We’ve included a photo comparison so you can see the wound before she was transported to sanctuary.


  1. REPLY
    Carol says

    Loveeee this. Love them. Love you ALL!

  2. REPLY
    Raven Black says

    Poor Rana!
    Horrid and heartbreaking to think of the other life she had to live through! And I pray those guilty of all that mistreatment she endured get the karma in life they deserve.
    Get well soon beautiful Ms.Bug!
    Sending love and healing hugs!

  3. REPLY
    Terry says

    I’m second Ravens comment! The law of karma does play out! What type of oil do you use?

    I would put my trust in Rana any day too!! You go girls!

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      we use a lot of different topicals, depending upon what stage the wound is in, if it’s moist or dry, etc. that day we were using a passion fruit oil.

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