Maia Snacks and Snacks

It’s been a little chilly here at the sanctuary this week. Of course, by chilly we mean that the highs are in the mid 70s, but with overcast skies. Generally, by around 2pm, the clouds break and everyone heads to the sunny spots in the habitat to soak up the sun. The elephants especially like the sunny times, since it allows their bodies to retain heat that can be released throughout the cooler nights to keep them warm.

Meanwhile, there’s a tasty kind of grass that’s growing very tall right now almost all over the property. There’s slim pickings in Yards 4 and 5 because the girls have already eaten most of it. So, we’ve been cutting it and giving it to the elephants. Here, Maia is showing exactly how to make a giant mouthful disappear. It’s impressive how quickly the grass goes from hanging out the sides of her mouth to all the way in her mouth, with seemingly no effort at all.


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    Carolyn Stearns says

    Is part of the sanctuary plan to grow hay of these favorite grasses and fruits and vegetable to be more independent and sustainable?

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      Sara says

      Right now, the time and manpower it would take to manage a new farming system – which is essentially what it would take – is more than we could sustain. With hay, we’d have to clear a whole area of property and we don’t want to turn valuable habitat into a hay field. We do have a small variety of trees (especially mangoes) that we use to supplement the produce we feed. We have opted to support the local growers and have set up a program to buy from our community.

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    Beth says

    Yum, YUM! Love her fuzzy lil’ head💕🥰

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    Diane Kastel says

    It does not seem like Maia spends any time chewing. It just goes directly down her throat?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Some of it does. But they have flat teeth in the back of their mouths that really grind down food pretty efficiently.

  4. REPLY
    Terry says

    Beautiful video! How much food does one individual elephant eat in a day Sara?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      They can eat over 300 pounds of food in a day and spend up to 80% of their days eating.

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