Bambi and Mara Eat Close to One Another

Though Bambi and Mara are still somewhat unsettled around each other at the moment, it hasn’t stopped all of the elephants from having meals together. At breakfast, the girls lined up in order: Guillermina, Maia, Bambi, then Mara and Rana. Initially, Mara and Rana weren’t that close to the other elephants when the food was placed down. Mara started walking toward Bambi, who was a little watchful, but relaxed after a few moments. 

We put out Guille and Maia’s food first, since they are our fast eaters and occasionally get fed to the side of others. At this time, Bambi and Mara were still standing next to each other, so we started feeding both of them. Finally, Rana came over for her food and stood on the far side of Mara. Everyone was very calm, including Bambi and Mara who were about 4 meters apart. 

At some point, Bambi seemed done with being so near to Mara, so she ended up walking away a bit and moved to the other side of Guillermina. Mara stayed where she was and, after she was finished with her breakfast, she stepped away from the fence. Maia ended up being close to Mara, so she walked over and had a few moments of standing next to her. Guillermina acted as though she wanted to join Mara and Maia a couple of times, but then she opted to stop and stay with Bambi. Perhaps the more the girls eat their meals together, the more Bambi will start to feel confident again when all of the others are around. 

Photo of Mara with the sun shining on her face


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    Bonnie says

    It will take time and maybe this is a start

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      Alejandra Enquin says

      Hermosa Mara ,ojitos de miel ,brillando al sol.Y Bambi tan hermosa también,quizás recuerden su amistad y el gran cariño que Bambi sentía por Mara.Bambi era una adolescente y creció junto a Guille.Los roles cambian y hay que readaptarse.

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      Beji says

      Another beautiful picture!!

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