All Five Girls at the Pond Fence

Scott managed to catch some video of all five elephants eating together along the pond fence. As he states in the video, they had just finished breakfast and were eating some hay treats. Everyone was calm and seemed mostly settled in the moment, though things are still changing on an emotional level for the girls. Bambi, Maia, and Guillermina were all together, eating side by side. Bambi was standing fairly close to Mara while they were eating. She eventually decided to shift and settled back in between Maia and Guille. A very sleepy Maia moved closer to Rana, preparing for an almost certain morning nap. 

The whole scenario was one that showed how important space is for the elephants. Bambi was able to walk away from Mara, if only a short distance, and had the opportunity to move further if she wanted. Space can make all the difference when it comes to building and maintaining relationships. It’s part of the idea of autonomy at sanctuary. By giving the elephants the choice to be where they want and when, they are able to create the healing environment that they need.


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    Audrey says

    Beautiful girls, all enjoying their food. Sending love from Canada 🇨🇦

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