A Very Sleepy Morning At Sanctuary

Maia and GuidaIt was a very sleepy morning at sanctuary. Both Maia and Guida are generally a little drowsy in the morning and Maia is prone to spontaneous napping, but Guida was ready to join her today. At one point Guida, while walking, decided to take a Maia pit stop and lean on the fence for a 20 second eye rest. 

After breakfast Maia went to her napping spot at the corner outside of the barn, a spot she likes when she’s too tired to go much further. This is where she enjoys sleepy belly rubs before mustering up the strength to walk to her favorite shady spot to sleep. She put her trunk up on the bars (because it’s heavy) and closed her eyes. About 5 seconds later Guida walked around her and went right in front of her along the fence, put her trunk up and stood there. The scenario was already charming, but made even more so by the fact that Guida generally doesn’t put her trunk up to nap. It must have looked appealing, after all, Maia is the napping queen. 

For those who might worry, nothing is wrong with the girls. There are just some nights that they stay awake most of the evening and then sleep right after breakfast. Once they get a good 2-3 hour nap in, they’ll are all ready for the day.

August 8, 2018



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    Susan Hunt says

    Oh I wish I could see a picture of this “trunk up” napping. Very interesting! And who gives the belly rub? It sounds like these girls just do what the spirit moves them. Such trust and peace. Cannot wait to hear stories as even more friends arrive! Best you. Love your posts!

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