Excuse Us, Scott, But Might You Have A Snack For Us?

The girls have been silly, easy and light. Earlier today, after doing some work in the habitat, Scott drove back to the barn and passed Maia and Guida along the way. He stopped to say hi and they wondered if he had anything for them. They are always receptive to an extra afternoon snack- we believe they fully know how irresistible they are.



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    Carole Rosenblatt says

    I understand that Ringling Brothers have retired their elephants to a sanctuary in Florida. In this true? Where is it?

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      Kat Blais says

      It isn’t a sanctuary, it is the same winter facility they have used with their traveling elephants located in Polk City. The area consists of numerous barns with several small yards, most under a 1/4 of an acre. The elephants are said to be taken out of these small areas and allowed into some of the pasture land, but they are controlled through free contact dominance and use of bullhooks. I believe they state it’s a 200 acre facility, but a large portion of the property is marsh land and unable to be used. If you google ‘overhead view of ringling’s center for conservation’ and go to images, you can see their facility and yards.

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