Ramba’s 50-Year Wait is Almost Over!

Ramba’s 50-year wait for sanctuary and elephant companionship is almost over. Her days of trees being just out of reach will soon be a thing of the past. For those of you who have been waiting for this day, it’s time to come together and help bring her home.

At the end of November, for #GivingTuesday we will be participating in a fundraiser for Ramba’s rescue. Her paperwork is not done yet, but one big hurdle has been crossed this week and we’re comfortable moving forward to raise the money needed to bring her to sanctuary. We hate to give an estimate on date, but it could be as early as 60 days. She still has her 30 quarantine and testing, but we need to be ready when we get the green light.

Why are we sharing now?? Because this is one of those fundraisers that has prizes galore awarded to participating nonprofits, each with the ability to bring Ramba one step closer to sanctuary. The first contest is any charity that has at least 10 individuals sign up for their own fundraising ‘team’ before November 21 earns GSE a chance to win $2500. There is no minimum amount raised per team, you just have to create your own team on the page linked above.

There will be many more posts about the fundraiser, what still needs to be done for her rescue and all of the preparations needed to safely get her here. We needed to start somewhere and this is it.

Ramba has been through a lot in life, she suffered through abuse and neglect only to have her happy ending slip away years ago. She has waited long enough- please share far and wide, mark the date on your calendar-November 28th, and finally help us bring her home.

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