Taking Turns In the Pond


When Maia, Rana, and Mara are sharing space, there are many days when it feels like they spend the entire day taking turns in the pond. Our team will check the cameras and see Maia in the pond. A little bit later, we will look and see Rana & Mara. Next time, it will be Maia again.

The others tend to spend shorter amounts of time in the pond, but when Maia is in the pond, she usually spends a long time there due to her preference for sleeping in the pond.

Recently, Maia was being a pond blob when Rana and Mara approached from the opposite side. They contemplated whether or not to go into the pond for a little while. Rana eventually decided it was too tempting to pass up. She didn’t submerge, but stood there, with all four feet in the water, doing some light splashing. Mara remained along the edge. After a few minutes, Rana walked out of the pond in the other direction. Mara kept splashing on the edge of the pond while Rana dusted and hung out in the shade a few feet away. Mara remained in place for about twenty minutes before joining Rana near the water trough. The entire time this was occurring, Maia continued lying down and didn’t move or respond to either elephant.

That moment was the first time we’ve seen them get in the pond while Maia was in it. We’ve seen them put their toes in and splash along the edge with Maia in there, but we haven’t seen them go all the way in as Rana did. It shows their continually growing comfort with Maia – which is excellent because Maia spends a lot of time in our various ponds and mud wallows!

Photo of Maia enjoying a splash from the hose along the fence another day.

September 2, 2020



  1. REPLY
    Andrew Pearson says

    Great news to Hear Maia Mara Rana are adjusting to the sanctuary and having fun

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Boy, I would love to hose an elephant instead of my lawn!!!??❤️

  3. REPLY
    arie says

    a hotel with swimming pool and it seems like the more the merrier.
    a permanent elephant holiday, what a joy to watch ❤️?

  4. REPLY
    Wim says

    Extraordinary adorable picture. Wonderful how they are moving towards each other. Wait and see how the pond Master thinks of taking turns. Nature’s growing process is the wonder of life. ??⛲???

  5. REPLY
    Carey says

    Great to hear!

  6. REPLY
    Jillyp says

    What an absolutely fab pic of Maia – she is gorgeous ❤️? So good to hear how comfortable they are all becoming with each other….. and soon another will be there to find her way around and fit in with the girls ?❤️?

  7. REPLY
    Paula says

    Hermosa foto de Maia ?
    Muy feliz que las chicas compartan y disfruten espacio en común!
    Que mejor lugar para relajarse y ganar confianza que los estanques? El agua y el barro hacen magia!
    Adoro a Maia imperturbable, ella si está muy segura y cómoda con la presencia de los demás…Esta actitud de ella ayudará a ganar confianza a los demás!?

  8. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Maia, Rana and Mara do seem to be spending more time with each other while also doing their own thing. It’s great that Maia doesn’t feel obliged to have to get out of the pond for the other girls and that Rana feels it is OK to paddle even with a pond blob in residence. I’m so happy for Mara now being able to hang out with her own kind and having a bestie, too. Their lives have changed for the better, roaming around elephant paradise all day. Happy ellies, happy me!

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