Scott and the Ladies at Sunset

As Scott narrates in the video, on this evening all five elephants had dinner near one another. Rana and Mara were together and joined by Maia; Guillermina and Bambi were eating nearby, with Guille helping Bambi make sure there were no scraps left from her meal. 

Scott is standing in a yard that’s separated from the elephants but, with the camera angle, it looks like he’s between them. He actually still has fences between himself and the other elephants. We cut the grass and brush of the yards down at the end of the rainy season to promote new growth at the beginning of the next rainy season and to prevent them from becoming fire hazards – so the lack of grass is a combination of being cut and it dying off from the dry season arriving. Though Bambi was still a little insecure about being near the others, she seems to do well when a friend is by her side. Guille is not just there for the extra food she might get from Bambi; she’s also being a caring friend who is staying at Bambi’s side.


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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Wonderful seeing all the girls together. Especially happy to see Rana and Mara together. I agree with Scott. Bambi is feeling insecure about her vision. Hopefully her vision will not continue to deteriorate.
    Thank you Scott. 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘❤️

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    Patricia says

    Aw, thank you! How lovely this is! Every time I see them in the yards eating, walking around, playing in the pond, or whatever, I am so grateful that they get to be in a natural habitat and be with each other. Love you all, girls and humans and other animals nearby! 💖💞💗💞💖

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    Terry says

    A gorgeous evening indeed!! Is Bambi’s eyesight worsening with both eyes, or just the one?

    Guille is learning friendship, love, and caring! Beautiful.

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    Bonnie says

    Bambi I believe will be ok because she has good friends

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    Bonnie says

    Sara wanted to let you know that Friday’s article wasn’t loading saided something like broken link or page not found so went to Thursdays article and that didn’t come up it was saying the same thing as Friday’s but I went to Thursdays on Thursday and read it so don’t know what happened

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      Kat Blais says

      something happened on the back end of the website, got that sorted, but somethings ended up wonky. will try to get it all sorted out today.

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    Nancy says

    I love this video with the Eles and your narration, Scott.

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