Pocha and Guillermina Lose Track Of Each Other

This week, Pocha and Guillermina lost sight of each other for more than just a moment, and it played out a bit like an elephant comedy. Both were spending time near Maia in Yard 4, when Pocha decided to go exploring. Guillermina was very content spending time with Maia, so Pocha seemed to feel safe taking a stroll. She may have wanted some time on her own, but also may not have realized exactly how much space she was putting between herself and Guille. After making her way through some bushes, Pocha found herself on the road – walking toward where Bambi, Mara, and Rana were hanging out. 

She looked up and saw the other elephants – which is a positive thing, because it meant that she was looking up, rather than just a few feet in front of her. It seemed that she possibly thought that one of the “Powerpuff Girls” might be Guille, so she decided to check them out to be sure. She smelled each one, going down the line as if to say, “Are you my daughter?” to all of the ladies. But, she didn’t find Guillermina among the crowd. The three accepted her presence without too much fanfare, though Bambi did turn and face Pocha head-on with an excited greeting.

During this time, Kat thought she’d try to reunite mother and daughter, since clearly Pocha was looking, so she led Maia at a distance using the 4-wheeler, hoping that Guillermina would follow. Guille began to follow, then stopped. Maia continued on and met up with the other girls. Pocha had now moved on from her visit with the three and Kat didn’t see her; she was somewhere in the woods, taking a longer walk than she ever has. That’s wonderful, but now things were becoming a game of elephant hide and seek. Eventually Kat found Pocha by Lollipop Tree, and led her toward her daughter.

In the meantime, Mara had wandered over to where Guillermina was spending time and the two of them shared space. They touched and smelled one another and were gentle. It was lovely to see, since Mara is sometimes one of the least responsive of the group when it comes to meeting the new arrivals.

One important positive lesson from the whole silly experience was that Pocha didn’t seem stressed to be away from Guillermina, but was very curious about where she might be, and curious about the larger yards around her. Guille also seemed calm and appeared to be enjoying her time with Maia and Mara. Mother and daughter weren’t calling out to each other with their big trumpets or bellows, as they have done in the past when they’ve gotten briefly separated. After all of the excitement of spending time near the other elephants, the two had a rather uneventful reunion and headed back closer to the barn with Mara close behind.

Photo of Pocha in the bushes


  1. REPLY
    Pat says

    Wonderful news, seeing them comfortable in exploring their new home. Thanks for sharing this info. I love hearing about these precious ladies.

  2. REPLY
    Missy says

    This is so heartwarming to see and read!! I’m such an elephant lover. I’m so happy you were able to rescue these two. Can we recruit you to help get Lucy out of the Edmonton Valley Zoo? I’ve already called several officials & basically got laughed at. The Jane Goodall foundation will not rtn my calls. I live in the ISA & these phone calls are not cheap. Others have sent hundreds of emails & have not gotten any response at all. How can we get Lucy out? She stands on a cement pad all day alone looking out glass, I have pictures of her after she was beaten, she had frostbite,& she was passed up for a sanctuary. Please help us. My email is.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We’ve been in talks with many organizations about helping Lucy. We’ll continue to advocate for her, which is really all we can do.

  3. REPLY
    Julie says

    This is lovely that they’re feeling comfortable enough to allow each other a little space. Very nice! Thank you.

  4. REPLY
    John says

    Interesting that the reunion was uneventful. Maybe each one thought the separation was their own fault, and didn’t know what to say.

  5. REPLY
    Pam says

    Such a great development! So much healthier for both of them, to be able to have some independence from each other. And even the casualness with which they reunited seems like a very positive indicator … it speaks of a deep trust in their new life, a knowing that they’re both safe and taken care of, even when they’re out of direct contact for a bit. Thanks for sharing this story!

  6. REPLY
    Renata Alvares says

    Que legal!
    Vejo que as meninas estão se integrando super bem e se sentem confiantes e tranquilas.
    Estou tão feliz com isso!

  7. REPLY
    Olga Melo says

    Thank you for these updates on P&G! And thank you for advocating for #Lucy 🐘👍

  8. REPLY
    Polly Weber says

    What a lovely saga of adventure rewarded!

  9. REPLY
    Anita J says

    This was one of the most important events as well! They separated but did not panic, did not trumpet and looked for each other frantically! Both had a “me” time, and also spent their time with other girls…absolutely amazing to read about this happening. I am so so happy and relaxed now…all is truly going well. Pocha’ and GiGi’ healing and growth is continuing ….xoxoxo

  10. REPLY
    Sandi says

    That’s so great! It’s amazing how fast they’ve become more comfortable at the Sanctuary and then to spend time without each other, amazing!! I love that the rest of the girls are so receptive to the new arrivals. You guys do such great work, enjoy reading about what’s happening and seeing your videos. Have a great day!

  11. REPLY
    Queita says

    Imagine being untethered to each other for decades…. Both must feel very secure in their new home to spend time apart and be unbothered knowing they will meet back at the barn. Wonderful on all levels. All involved in their rescue should feel very rewarded and I cannot thank you enough!

  12. REPLY
    Lori says

    Once again, thank you for sharing this lovely story. It seems to indicate another step towards a more natural herd existence. Guille and Pocha slowly but surely integrating – seeing how the others behave, jnderstanding their surroundings better – having more confidence. Just beautiful.

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