Morning with Rana

We know many people are concerned about how Rana is doing after Ramba’s passing, so we decided to do a short live feed. This way you could see her for yourself. She is doing ok, better than we would expect. She has improved over the past couple of days. There is still sadness in her eyes, but she did squeak during treatment this morning and is very present and engaging.

December 29, 2019


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    Alana says

    Am I the only one who gets pure joy watching Rana Bug eat for 29 minutes? I bet not! Thanks for taking the time to share.

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    Sheila says

    THANKYOU SCOTT! RANA IS TRULY LOVELY ANS SWEET! SMART TOO, Loved how she used the Palm Fraun to scratch her head and fan the bugs!! Nice to see big Lady RANA, YES she seems SAD, Well her loss of RAMBA is in early days of Grief! Nice she got a WATERMELLON ! Cute how she saved half for last after the hay and Pam’s were done! SHES such a sweet gal,, loving Gal, I hope Mara will love her since she apparently outgoing also!!?????❤️?

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    Patricia Hunt says

    Of course I am heartbroken. Rambita, little angel on earth and now in heaven. I know you guys put a positive spin on these deaths to the extent you can. I am happy to watch Rana, they are all so amazing and dear to my heart. It is a tough thing to care for senior animals of any species. I love them all. I foolishly wish I never had to lose any of these precious animals. Sending hugs to everyone.

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    Gramma Tammy says

    Scott, once again you really show the love, compassion and sheer joy you get from these adorable ladies and we can see why! Ramba was the first rescue I watched it kept me mesmerized and wanting to see more and more just waiting anxiously for any news on her progress and finally that moment came when sweet sweet beautiful kind loving adorable Ramba got to tough the earth of your healing Sanctuary under her tootsies, what a special time that was and one that will live within me always! Ramba gave so much to those around her that I know too will stay with them forever and now with Ramba buried in her favorite spot the girls will know she’s still close to them! All these precious gifts from God are so lucky to have you, your very talented wife and the awesome team of caregivers there to care for the girls younger and older bigger and smaller right where they are and will be very soon! Rana, Maia and Lady each day will get brighter please lean on each other now more than ever to get you through this very difficult time, we love you all and will do what we can to help you, God Bless

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    Rosemary Perry says

    Rana has been constantly on my mind since precious Ramba’s passing. I have been deeply saddened by the news of Ramba and so worried how Rana would be able to cope with the loss of her best friend. Thank you so much Scott for giving us this update so that we could see our sweet girl eating and relaxed. Yes, I also get great joy just watching these amazing beings…all day if I could. I so look forward to all the updates.This is a difficult time for you all at the sanctuary and my heart goes out to you. Please know that so many of us who support you share this grief. Sending love to Ramba and Guida whose presence will forever be at GSE, to Maia, Rana and Lady and to everyone who works so hard to allow these magnificent giants to live a life they have always deserved. Bless you all. xx

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    Shirley Taylor says

    Thanks for update on Rana it’s good to see her and to know how Rana and Maia are coping. Love these girls so much not forgetting Lady who I hope is enjoying her new life. You are wonderful people helping these girls than you so much.

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    Debbie Sides says

    Oh sweetheart, are you enjoying your watermelon? Ramba is watching over you sweet pea. Love you Rana bug?

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    g hilton says

    Such an utter pleasure to spend half a hour on sanctuary time watching this absolute queen gently snacking down. If only she knew how many of us are rooting for her.

    “Are you *convinced* you can fit the whole thing in? My goodness, my dear,”

    Extraordinary girl, extraordinary Scott.
    Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us, Just thank you,

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    Nancy Jordan says

    Scott we are all full of admiration and love for you, your wife and Carers . Such an unbelievably sad time, so painful and you must be feeling so emotionally raw. Your devotion to the sweet ladies knows no limit. Hugs and kisses to all of you.

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