Mendoza4 Kenya’s Habitat Update


This is Kenya, many of you know her already as the lone African elephant at the Mendoza Zoo. We are in the process of building a habitat for African females (yes, species should be separated) so she can have a home at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

The second photo is an auger, a new toy for her, although only indirectly. It may not be exciting at first glance, but it means her fences go up much faster. Those who donated to the Big Payback fundraiser have heard of it. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee doesn’t deposit funds raised from that event until next week, but the auger was the least expensive item, and we were able to get a used one for a fantastic price, so we went ahead and purchased it. It was only used here at the sanctuary. When we started building, we had to rent a backhoe, and the owner bought the auger when we needed it for the Asian fence.

To finish off the photos, the third is of the African barn from today. They are hanging the last of the gates, and then it’s pretty much done.   The final picture is the beginning of fencing. Like the Asian habitat, the African area will be split into three smaller yards and two larger yards initially. The fenceline is already plotted by GPS, but now we need to walk it and make any needed adjustments. Once that happens, we can put the auger to work and begin digging holes. We have enough steel pipe for about 3/4 of the first small yard but will need to purchase another load to continue with fence construction. Each shipment of steel with delivery is approximately $25,000 US.

If you would like to donate towards building Kenya’s fencing, you can give here →  

If you don’t yet know Kenya, but would like to get to know this sensitive lady, you can read more here → 

June 21, 2019



  1. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    It will be so wonderful to see the Mendoza4 there! And Ramba too of course!

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Yes, bring them all home to GSBRAZIL!!!!!! They all deserve to be FREE!!!!

  3. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    It breaks my heart when I see a lone elephant and as a human I put myself in their place and try imagine me all by myself without another human in sight and to live like that forever. Maybe a nice elephant visiting me and giving me some treats to eat and speaking soft words that I cannot understand, but if I respond in a certain way I get a treat, then find if I keep doing the same thing I get more treats to eat.

    Then again, I grieve for the male elephants of both species as they are much more difficult and expensive to look after.

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