Maia and Bambi Cross the Creek

It was breakfast time and on the way to feed the elephants, we found Maia and Bambi across the creek in Yard 5, so they must have walked over during the evening. We know that Maia likes the back of Yard 5, but Bambi has been hesitant to explore that far during the daytime over the last few weeks. She seems more at ease during the evening. 

Bambi was very rumbly during breakfast and when we went back later to spread some hay in the habitat and see how everyone was doing, her energy was nice and light. We made sure there was plenty of water and gave the girls a bath with the hose. 

When Scott went to feed the ladies dinner, Maia and Bambi were back across the creek in an area where Maia and Guida used to spend a good amount of time. Lady used to like it as well – but we don’t know that anyone else has gone there. It’s a small peninsula-like area that usually has beautiful grass. The temperature is cooler there and it’s really wooded and stunning. The two elephants were still doing well and had a good energy about them. It’s easy to focus at times on the rift that has come between Bambi and Mara, but it’s important to realize that those things don’t take up most of the girls’ days. Most of the time, they’re spending hours with their friends and enjoying their time together. Seeing Maia and Bambi somewhere they rarely go and having them be so rumbly and comfortable is a heartening thing. It seems to mean that they are enjoying their time together as friends and not fretting too much over what’s happening with the others. 

Photo of Bambi grazing with Maia standing behind her


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    Carey says

    I love it that Maia and Bambi are having such good times together, absolutely love it. I think they bring out the best in each other right now. It’s as if Maia wants someone to care for and Bambi is finally finding someone to care for her after all those scary years with no elephant friends which, being the social elephant she is, must have been tortuously lonely. Both of them helped Guille as and when she needed help, and now it seems they help each other. I was happy to see Bambi’s wound on her head from when she couldn’t get up seems to be healed now – Maia isn’t caressing and investigating it so much…

  2. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    Its nice to see them together

  3. REPLY
    Zoi says

    I’m so happy to know Bambi was farther than usual, perhaps Maia took her there to tell Bambi that she and Guida used to spend a good amount of time there 💖💖💖

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    Merry says

    This is so moving that I am now crying. Does this happen to others also? xoxo

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      It happens all the time. ❤️

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    Terry says

    I am happy to know Maia and Bambi continue to bond. I have not been able to get this page to load for the past couple of days. I’m glad to return on such a loving note!

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