Lady Splashes in the Mud Wallow

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Lady knows how to make the most of a mud puddle. We were on our way to bring her dinner and she passed by this mud wallow, deciding to splash around and take a joyous bath before she ate. Because things here run on “elephant time,” we of course stopped to oblige her. After a few minutes, everyone headed over into Yard 5 for dinner, a little muddier than usual. 

P.S.: For those who may be curious, Lady, and other elephants, hit the water to make it muddier. When the water is too clean, they will slap the water to dredge up some dirt from the bottom, creating a much more satisfactory mud.


  1. REPLY
    Pamela Hall says

    Lady MY SWEET LADY! You are my favorite…

  2. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    You made my day, Sara! (and whoever took the video!)

  3. REPLY
    Carol says

    Love her so much, our Lovely Lady

  4. REPLY
    Wim says

    Years of practice do make perfection.

  5. REPLY
    Tracy H says

    Love me some Ladybug. 🐘🐘

  6. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Party on Lady this looks like a really great fun relaxing time. I swear these mud baths give our girls healthy beautiful skin so move over and make room for the rest of us! Love and hugs 💞🐘 🤗

  7. REPLY
    Alana says

    Does the mud provide some benefit for her feet too? She is a cutie pie!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      It almost certainly soothes them. She does like to stand in it to keep things soft.

  8. REPLY
    Terry says

    She looks SO GREAT!!!

  9. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    Bless her she is just too cute!💚

  10. REPLY
    Jeanine Sahulka says

    It’s so nice to see a happy elephant. Do you have any more rescues planned? There is such a need.

  11. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    How wonderful that Lady can do just as she pleases, when she pleases. As GSE says……it is ALL about the elephant, her choices, and it all runs on elephant time. Thank you GSE for allowing these precious elles to live autonomously as possible, with their own species. #sanctuaryheals 🐘❤️

  12. REPLY
    Lori Hoover says

    HA! Your first sentences about Lady knowing how to enjoy a muddle puddle made me laugh. When I saw the title of this post: Lady Splashes In the Mud Wallow, I thought to myself: Of course she does. Lady always seems to go all out splashing in the mud. It’s great to see and know that it obviously seems to be one of her favorite things.

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