Jorgie and Sally Run Amok

Lady wasn’t the only animal at sanctuary to get silly after the first rain. Our resident goats, Jorgie and Sally, also got incredibly excited, even though they don’t really like the rain or getting wet. When the two of them get extra energy, they can be a little boisterous – and a little funny. 

As the two began to frolic, which for them means running, hopping, butting heads, and generally throwing their full-sized goat bodies around, others began to scatter. Normally, the goats’ enthusiastic behavior might last about a minute or so, but this time their “zoomies” went on for about ten minutes. And they ran everywhere they could. Chickens were headed in all directions, people were dodging the goats; even the dogs tried to stay out of their way. The rain showed up near the end of the day, so there were plenty of people around, all trying to keep their distance from the two rambunctious animals (one of whom has horns) whose only plans were to celebrate the rain in their own way.



Photos of Sally and Jorgie (with the horns)


  1. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Holy moly, I love goats!!! 😍🥰😍

  2. REPLY
    Nancy says

    Great Post 😅🤣

  3. REPLY
    Barb says

    Goats can definitely be silly! We used to have Bella and Abe (two incredibly funny goats) and, other than antagonists with the dogs, they were a riot.

  4. REPLY
    June Ross says

    VERY funny write up! I did laugh…

  5. REPLY
    Tammy says

    That’s too funny! I adore goats these two are sooo cute and are hilarious so much fun to watch especially when they are little kids and can’t do alot of damage! Sounds like it’s all around party time at the Sanctuary I love it enjoy everyone I’m smiling from ear to ear reading this! sending big hugs and lots of love from Minnesota 🤗💕🥳💞

  6. REPLY
    Pamela Hall says

    Every goat’s middle name is Amok

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says


  7. REPLY
    Kenneth B. Newman says

    You should have videoed the goats acting crazy……..That would have been the complete story……

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      we were all too busy hiding or running away 😅

  8. REPLY
    John says

    Elephants and tapirs and goats run amok! Oh my!

  9. REPLY
    Carey says

    They are such characters!

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