Continued Evolution of Social Groups

Currently at sanctuary, we are seeing an evolution of social dynamics that is subtle, but clear. Groups of elephants who wouldn’t necessarily have been seen spending time together before are more and more often socializing. While we know that Rana, Mara, and Bambi are a strong group of friends, these days when we see three elephants together, we can’t assume it will be those three. 

If we do see the “Powerpuff Girls” together in the habitat, Maia is occasionally with them. Guille is spreading her time around, having some moments with all of her fellow herd members at one time or another. Sometimes, we might come upon Rana and Maia together, or Bambi and Mara. Everyone seems to be getting more comfortable with one another as relationships shift and become deeper. We anticipate seeing more shifts in social behaviors as time goes on.

Photo of Bambi


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    Carey says

    So much stuff evolving over the years which is endlessly fascinating and educational

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