Bambi Crossed the Creek

Bambi has been a little bit watchful for a couple of days, putting some distance between herself and Rana and Mara. At dinner she had moved into Yard 5, by Creeky Alley, so Scott closed up between Yards 4 and 5 to make sure Bambi could fully relax and rest. In the morning he returned to that area to see that she had clearly found a hidden pasture back there, and had been grazing most of the night, but he did not see where she had gone. After going back and forth to different areas, he went back to the very back of the yard, across the creek, and there she was. As far as we know, Bambi has never been to this spot before, so it was a real surprise to find her there. 

To get to this particular place, Bambi had to cross at what’s not the easiest point. It’s not bad when entering from the South side to go across the creek, but it can be more difficult getting out, particularly for Bambi who currently has problems bending one knee, although Lady used to do it regularly with her bad feet. Bambi looked a little tired and was quiet, but that’s not surprising considering she likely spent a good amount of time navigating the creek bed. Maia, who had been in a different area of Yard 5 at breakfast, ended up joining Bambi when Scott was there doing treatment with her. She was incredibly calm and respectful during the whole process, not approaching until treatment was finished. 

In this video, Scott is talking about Bambi as it gently rains and he explains the trek that Maia took to get to this area.


  1. REPLY
    Maryse Christine Rome says

    I think we underestimate the intelligence of our Animal Brethren. Elephants are the ‘deep thinkers’ among our Brethren.

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    What is the background to Bambi keeping her distance from Rana and Mara any idea?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      There’s been no major incident that we know of, but it seems to be coming from Mara’s side. She appears to be the one pulling away from Bambi.

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