Afternoon Update With Pocha and Guillermina

This morning, we caught up with Pocha and Guillermina in the barn. They are still more comfortable spending time inside, but have explored the corridor leading out to the yards. We are on elephant time now, waiting for the two girls to feel at home enough to exit when they are ready.

The two heard Bambi, Mara, and Rana trumpeting last night and were very curious. Lady has come the closest, spending time in the neighboring yard. It’s important that both elephants be allowed to make the decision to leave the barn of their own accord. That is what sanctuary is all about.


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    Katherine says

    You guys are doing such tremendous work . We are seeing a gripping, dramatic event unfold before our eyes, the story of enslaved animals, kept in cramped, horrendous conditions who now have the chance to live the rest of their lives as autonomous beings in a magical setting. Cannot wait for the next episode!.

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    Cassie Raymond says

    Thank you all involved for letting this happen. I just can’t imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Such a huge transition for them. I applaud you all!! Their lives will get better with each passing day. Just the fact that they have so much more to look at than a cement wall. My heart sings for their freedom!!

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    Renee Killian-Zeiger says

    Thank you for letting others know that it’s about the comfort level for these “Pit lived” girls. Maybe some might understand if compared to dogs and cats that have lived in hoarder situations or dogs that have been used for fighting and do not live “normal” pet lives. You can’t and shouldn’t force dogs or cats to be around other animals if they are fearful. You take it one step at a time. This is the way Scott and Kat have introduced every elephant rescue and Pocha and Guillermina are no different. I think even as a human if I lived in a situation where there was no outside world exposure…I’d be TERRIFIED if someone forced their way of life or their expectations on me. So maybe if we all think in those terms (as Scott always states) that the whole point of rescuing these elephants is that these elephants actually get to choose based on their comfort level. It then becomes their life and their choice! As Scott always says, this is EXACTLY what sanctuary is all about. The elephants actually making their own choices!!

    Those girls are already in a far better place!

    You go Scott and Kat and team!!!

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    Jacquelinr Leighton says

    They are so beautiful

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    Melinda says

    I love those two, and all the other ellies in your care, so much! I have worked with traumatized children and know the road to recovery can be slow. But with the correct amount of security and love, it is sure. God bless you for saving these wonderful beings!

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    Rachel says

    I so appreciate the time and effort it takes to continually update us with how these two beauties are doing. And I also want to thank everyone at ESB for your patience, educating us over and over again about expectations, the need to respect the elephants’ autonomy, and – in my words – to just relax and enjoy what’s happened and happening before us; every small step towards healing to be celebrated. I’m overjoyed with peaceful gratitude for all you do. 💝

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    Alana says

    Fantastic! So heart warming. I too can not wait for the next episode!

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    Christine Curtis says

    I can only imagine how these beautiful girls are feeling. I would be in overload. Everything must be so scary. But I’m so glad you guys are there for them. Thank you so much for letting us follow this amazing journey.

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    No words can express my happiness for these two deserving girls, and I have no words to express my gratitude for Scott’s expertise, patience and dedication to elephants. Anyone that witnesses this rescue is privileged, and I hope spreads the word about how elephants suffer in captivity.

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    Lynne Russert says

    Super psyched they’re home!! Can’t wait til they venture out & explore for 1st time!!!

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    Elizabeth says

    Can you share a little about the stories of Ingo and Trish. Scott mentioned in a video that Ingo went to Spain. Where are they from, what is their background with animals, what languages do they speak, are they still working at GSE? They both seem so awesome that I am now curious.

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      Sara says

      Both are employees of GSE, but are not on the property full time. Trish is a veterinarian from the US, who also works with elephants in Nepal. Ingo started working with elephants a couple of decades ago. He lives with his family in Spain, but is originally from Germany. Trish and Ingo travel back and forth to sanctuary from their homes on a rotating basis.

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    bo says

    if everyone would treat animals, and humans, with the same approaching techniques like everyone who is part of team elephant Kat&Scott, appreciating some just need more time than others, some are more highly sensitive than others, some carry more history along with them than others…
    waw, a much nicer, calmer, sweeter, better world it would be for all of us!! i am so in awe, each time, of your ways of thinking, helping, taking care of the animals,…
    thank you, as ever!

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      Sara says

      Thank you!

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    Jenny says

    Elephant time is one of my favorite things about sanctuary. Love Elephant Time!!!
    Whole world could learn a lot from sanctuary guidelines.

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    Debbie Sides says

    Oh they are just so cute! They will explore when they’re ready. Take your time sweet girls💚

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    Laura says

    You got them there!!!! Now for Tamy!
    Super patient lovely people.

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    Carey says

    Extraordinary to witness, thank you for the educational experience . Guille’s skittishness kind of reminds me of Bambi when she first arrived. It’s certainly different moving 2 at the same time, congratulations to all involved, thank you to the Mendoza authorities, thank you to the thousands of people who donated.

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    Beji says

    One day at a time, one step at a time…

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    Marcia says

    Team, do you think it has even occurred to the girls that they CAN leave this space after being confined for so long? In that pit?

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      Sara says

      They are aware they can leave. But the two are both in complete sensory overload at this point, so they seem to be taking steps at their own comfort level.

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    Carol-Ann Kunimoto says

    Checking this blog is part of my morning routine. I am filled with
    gratitude for the compassion and respect that you show all of the elephants. The way that you talk to the elephants and to each other…everything done in respect for all. Thank you for allowing us to share in this
    process….in a very profound way you are my teachers. Thank you

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    Terry says

    Pocha bean and Guille are already FREE!!! Stepping out backwards into a whole new world is a very smart move Guille!!!❤️❤️

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    Jacquelinr Leighton says

    Good news

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    Wim says

    No better time than elephant time. When it’s time they’ll step out into their yard.

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    Sunny says

    You really created a sanctuary 👏🏼

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