A Lady Never Forgets The Sound…


This little lady is as perfect as they come. Maia had footwork done today on one of her back feet. It had been a while, because the need for it is greatly reduced with a healthy habitat. But Maia still needs close attention paid to her pads, which weren’t great when she showed up. Although it has been months, she fell right into the groove of trimming, filing and food rewards. A lady never forgets the sound that the fruit loops box makes. 

There’s nothing significant going on with her feet and at this point, that foot would need just one more session like today to be good for another few months. Nature does a body good. Her feet are looked at regularly, to check for embedded rocks and other signs of issues, but the checks are usually just quick visuals that let us know her feet look good with no extra care necessary.

Maia’s cooperation and attitude throughout were truly remarkable.

Sorry for the silence lately, we have been without power most of the last few days and now without internet. We are using a backup service, but it’s so bad that we can’t even load the FB page and had someone back home post. Not great for keeping in touch, but the habitat gets more and more stunning by the day.

October 19, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Tom DiCarrado says

    Always great to hear any news!, Thanks.

  2. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    So glad her feet are in good shape now. You all take excellent care of Maia & Guida. Just love those girls!

  3. REPLY
    Sherry says

    The elephants are smart and know you are taking care of them!! Thank you for your care to the elephants and all staff and all the news you can give us!! Always take care of each other. The elephants are watching you!!

  4. REPLY
    Joan Newlands says

    What a difference in the ladies since they first came to your sanctuary! Thank you all so very much for rescuing these beautiful elephants and giving them the the most orecious gjft they’ve ever had in their entire s lives, FREEDOM, DIGNITY AND TRUE LOVE. God bless you fir everything you do for the elephants in your beautiful sanctuary, and fir everything you will doing in the future to rescue more poor, abused elephants being forced to endure a miserable, lonely life in captivity who deserve much, much more on life. May all of you wonderful people with the Global Sanctuary for Elephants have a glorious Holiday Season and Christmas with your family and loved ones….
    And may all the elephants at your sanctuary have a wondrous and magical time enjoying their freedom and extra special holiday treats!!! ?????????????????????

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