World Elephant Day 2018

World Elephant Day 2018For us at GSE every day we think about elephants on a global scale. World Elephant Day is an opportunity to refocus people’s attention to the plight of elephants around the globe. We all have a special place in our heart for a particular elephant, one that resonates with us strongly and we are just drawn to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t want what is best for elephants everywhere. 

Each elephant has their own story, a life before man intervened, a “Once upon a time” that tells of happier days surrounded by family. Each individual lost that past or had it impacted by the hands of man and we’re all responsible to help provide them something better, to speak up and let the world know that every elephant matters.

Captive or wild, African or Asian, male or female, they all deserve our compassion and protection. Elephants need to stop being seen as objects, for what they can offer us and instead be valued for who they are simply for being. For captive elephants this means recognizing that our goal should be to give back what was taken away from them many years ago. It is our responsibility to provide them with as close to a natural life as possible, allowing them once more to live like elephants. At this moment in time, this means sanctuary.

Thank you all for helping us to create this beautiful sanctuary. We look forward to continued growth both in habitat expansion and the elephants that fill this space and make it home. 

World Elephant Day
August 12, 2018


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