World Elephant Day 2014

Tomorrow is World Elephant Day and while thinking about what to do we tried to compare this to other days that have a specific focus, Mothers day, Earth day etc. It doesn’t make a captive elephant feel any better if they receive a card and we can’t plant an elephant. But then we thought of Breast Cancer Awareness day and this is what we feel World Elephant day is all about, celebrating the survivors but more importantly raising awareness and support for those that continue to fight every day. Unlike breast cancer, we have the cure for elephant suffering, we know the solution, and in many ways it is the cheaper and undoubtedly the much more humane approach. We all resonate with the success stories, those that have already found sanctuary. Today, we want to raise awareness of how many more still need our help. The majority of people that we talk to are astounded to hear what still happens to elephants daily in zoos and circuses. Most people feel that zoos have “grown so much,” but the reality is that elephants in captivity around the world suffer immensely. This is a global concern, this is about humanity and we ask again- What can you do to make a difference?

action-needed-World Elephant DayStarting at midnight EST, we will post one image every hour to our Facebook page. some are tragic reminders that we need to act now, some educate on why what may appear fine is often not, and others will celebrate the successes of the past year. We ask you to help share these posts, share them all or just the ones that strike you the most, include a personal message about why elephants matter and why you are choosing to ask others to join the fight. Today we also ask you to make a pledge, for every photo that touches your heart, pledge just 2 dollars in honor of what they have endured under our watch. At the end of today write a check and drop it in the mail or simply click the ‘donate now’ button of your favorite animal cause. Every single dollar makes a difference. Make World Elephant Day, a day of action that doesn’t end.

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