Working Things Out

In this video, Rana is standing along the fence line with Maia and Guillermina after eating. Ready to move on, Guillermina walks up quickly behind Rana. Because of Guille’s recent lapse into less-than-respectful behavior, Rana takes notice and quickly steps out of the way. Maia is unphased because both she and Bambi set boundaries early on with Guille, so Guille doesn’t act the same way towards the two of them. This displacing behavior is something she only does with Rana and Mara and is what we discussed in a recent post. 

Although Guille’s behavior isn’t ideal, it is mellowing again. Rana was uneasy for a moment, but immediately after, she came right back to the fence to finish some more hay with Maia. Sometimes people have the desire to protect the girls, which we understand, but giving them the opportunity to have these interactions where nothing significant happens allows both of them to get more comfortable, and hopefully get back to Guille being a little more gentle in her approach with the two more reserved grandmas. And she can save her spunky side for Maia and Bambi, who embrace it more at this point. We all have our moments, and Guille has come so far. Giving them the ability to work through things and allowing Rana and Mara to see that it was just a temporary setback will help the entire herd grow.  


  1. REPLY
    Heather Parsons says

    I guess for Guille, the way she grew up, nothing ‘exciting’ ever happened for her or her mother (in their old pit in the ground). Now, if she sees elephants and people together, she’s like, what’s happening I’m missing out. So she puts herself in the middle of things, and as Mum set few boundaries, the Grandma’s are dealing with a big teenager, who is quite vivacious in her nature. A kid in a candy store!!!

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