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Thank you to everyone who donated to our fire recovery fund. Since we shared about the wildfire, we have raised over $22,000 through our website and nearly $7,000 through Facebook – it comes to over $29,000 to help us rebuild.

Our emergency plan is entirely focused on keeping the elephants safe. Still, we have so many other loved and adored animals that our lives wouldn’t be the same without. We continue to be so grateful that they all are fine. It could have been so much worse. There was one chicken that we briefly believed had passed away from smoke inhalation. Within minutes, the chicken recovered to the point that she was running around the house, trying to get back outside.

We know that most of you follow our page for the elephants. To see you give so quickly and generously for the land, and the fences for our rehab program, and the water pump… It fills us with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for what you do, and thank you all for your level of caring. 

We – including the entire team – will still be processing what happened for a while, but we wanted to take a moment to share the amount that has been generously donated so far, along with our most heartfelt appreciation for this overwhelming demonstration of your support and love. ❤️

October 14, 2020


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    Barb Campbell says

    I will always be there for the elephants ??????????? and all the other creatures that call GSE home. Like I always say you guys are all amazing love you all ♥️♥️♥️

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    Barb says

    It’s easy to support and love, “helping elephants be elephants again”. Thankful each day remembering you are all safe!

  3. REPLY
    Barb says

    Done!! Thanks so much for people like you & your team for the care you give to all these animals.

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    Bobi StaySee says

    Gosh, that must have been quite the surprise the chicken coming back like that! Made me smile. The physical work to be done must be overwhelming, the emotions must be so mixed — what’s gone, what’s left, what’s lost, what’s saved, the gratitude amid the ashy debris. The vision of “future improvements” zoomed to the forefront. Thank you for the posting in the middle of …..all that is.

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    constance s. harris says

    You bring such joy to so many This is your followers’ way of giving back.

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    elaine richard says

    Hope the rains were enough to truly help. Thinking of you all: elephants, blind tapirs, dogs, humans, smoky chickens, et al (not necessarily in that order). Hoping for plain sailing once you’re sorted. Hard to deal with heart in mouth for you guys while teeth gritted and stomach in knots for what seems like everything else… gets very uncomfortable!

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    Meredith says

    Is there anything on these pages that tells us more about you and your crew…how many, living on the sanctuary orin neighboring communities? Your relationship to the project in Tennessee? Also, anything about financials? thanks so much for your work and for sharing these amazing souls with us.

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      Hi Meredith, if you follow the links on our homepage, you will find links to both our Board of Directors (mentions Scott and Kats relationships to The Elephant Sanctuary in TN) and Financials, along with much much more.

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    Veronica Holland says

    Thank you Kat and Scott for making so many sacrifices in your lives to rescue, love and care for these abused elephants and all the other animals at the sanctuary.

    • REPLY
      Anna says

      Congratulations on such an important initiative rescuing endangered species in Brazil, including all those South American elephants.
      Please make sure… IMPORTANT!!…. to keep up daily/weekly reports on your actual situation as this is of much interest to all your supporters.
      You keep us informed. We keep donating!
      Anna & Jan Wimse – Spain

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    Nishant Bhajaria says

    I am honored to be a supporter. Please stay safe.

  10. REPLY
    Nancy Shaw says

    Yay Little Chicken!!

  11. REPLY
    Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

    Gracias por transmitir tanta calma ,en medio de tanto caos provocado por el fuego,es un valor agregado que ustedes Scott y Kat tienen ,es un don y una bendicion ,ya que los animales lo sienten y es parte de Su salud.En medio del incendio Mara estaba atenta al humo y Bambi respiraba con su trompa hacia la regiinndel fuego pero ustedes les hablaban ,con dulzura se escuchaban sus voces,ahi mismo senti tranquilidad y confianza como lo sintieron las chicas aunque Lady estaba un poco molesta por tanta gente moviendose..Ustedes les proporcionan la mejor calidad de vida !! Que es ademas de los cuidados y alimentos ,es la SEGURIDAD!!! LO CONTRARIO AL STRESS en el que siempre vivieron de pequeñas y eso es Impagable!!??‼️en momentos asi de crisis las 5 chicas estuvieron contenidas,a salvo,,!! Y el resto de los familiares de la fauna del Santuario!!! Solo repetir Gracias y gracias ,son ustedes Admirables???????‍⬛???????❤i‼️

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    Irene Olson says

    We don’t think twice to help as much as we can! So relieved to hear everyone at GSE are ok! Stay strong! Lots of love coming your way! ?♥️??

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    Sallie says

    I feel very privileged to be a supporter. It is the least I can do when one becomes so emotionally attached to these lovely personalities – including your great staff! Thank you for all you do, so thrilled you received such significant support. It gives one Faith that there are those worldwide who care. You are a very special group with incredible communication to your public . . . We are always there for you and your girls!

  14. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    I will ALWAYS be there for you. Thank goodness the chicken revived….every life so precious. Each and every one of you at the sanctuary are precious…human animal and non-human animal alike.
    I hope you get some time to rest, please take care of yourselves…it is hard when there is so much to do and when recovering from such a shock as the fire. It is in the aftermath that the reality really surfaces. Be kind to yourselves, too. We are all here for you.

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    “All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Wise and Wonderful, The Lord God Made Them All.”

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