Due to shipping costs and import taxes, it is not feasible to buy items in the US to have shipped to Brazil.  We hope to soon be able to offer direct links to products that can be purchased in Brazil.  For now, you can choose the item you want to purchase or put any amount of money towards, and specify on the donation page. When there, select “Wishlist items” from the dropdown menu. On the next page   there is a box “Item I would like to buy”- you can specify which item you would like your donation to go towards.  Thank you!


Daily care for Maia and Guida: 

There are many items that go into the feeding and care of elephants. Big and small, each is a necessary part of keeping all of the elephants that will find sanctuary happy and healthy.



$11 each
1st batch of a dozen bottles underwritten by the Molasses Mavens
ongoing need

It was actually quite a project to find unsulfured blackstrap molasses in Brazil. Now that we have, aside from having a little celebration, we need to stock a few bottles. This is something that is used to mix in the elephants’ grain to allow the addition of other much needed supplements. The elephants love the taste, but it also provides many minerals including iron.




ongoing need

ACV is another product we will use in the elephants’ foot soaks and cleaning. It is gentle yet has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, and of course they can drink it or bathe in it if they choose (which is always a possibility.)




ongoing need

An inappropriate past diet and Guida’s problems with digestion are cause to put both girls on long-term probiotics. Their natural balance of flora in their GI system will need to be restored and maintained- this will help.




ongoing need

Along with feet, joint issues and arthritis round out the leading cause of death in captive elephants. Decades of standing on inappropriate surfaces and inability to walk far distances lead to all captive elephants having some level of degeneration. This supplement contains all of the major players needed to help ease the pain and aid in recovery.




ongoing need

This is as close of a supplement as we could get to “Red Cell”. It is a supplement that provides much needed B vitamins, iron and other vitamins and minerals for support. It is a must for elephants, but especially those who are new to sanctuary and in need of a lot of physical healing


Supplemental feed:

Although the elephants will spend most of their time foraging naturally, we will supplement their diet with grains and produce. These feedings allow us to administer supportive supplements while monitoring appetite, food intake and behaviors like chewing. It also helps strengthen the caregiver/elephant bond.



$34 for a 66 lb. bag
ongoing need

Oats are a grain loved by elephants, but they are also high in fiber and contain a unique antioxidant compound that reduces the risk of heart disease. We’ve never known an elephant to turn them away, but there’s always a first 😉




$14 for a 44 lb. bag
ongoing need

We will be feeding bran in smaller quantities with their oats. It is high in iron and helps bind all of the grains together along with the molasses and supplements that will be added to their diets.


Sanctuary building tools:


$130.oo for 44 lbs
ongoing need

These are necessary for our stick welder and holding all of the steel together. One box goes a long way, enough to construct 330 linear feet of elephant fence.




2 needed

We have our beautiful welders, now we need supplies to safely use them while putting together fences and a barn. This lovely helmet will make it so those spending long hours welding together the Elephant Care Center don’t get sunburn on their eyes and can still see when they are done.




$4.00 a pair
ongoing need

We need these for just about everything, well everything we like to be able to see.




$4.50 a pair
ongoing need

We are also included a few pairs of tinted safety glasses, since the sun here is very strong and with some work, a little tint goes a long way.




ongoing need

Fingers are a good thing to have, so we need a couple of pairs of gloves to protect our welders while they work!




Oxygen Tanks
ongoing need

Acetylene Tanks
ongoing need

To save money (lots of money) we are renting tanks for our torch. Without these two different tanks of air, our torch does nothing, but mix the two and you have a wonderful flame that cuts through all the steel we need. So these are definitely a must have item. We go through about a tank of oxygen a week and a tank of acetylene every three weeks.




ongoing need

These straps are great for maneuvering the steel to get it just where we need it, without losing any fingers-which is very important. We will have many loads of steel coming and have a huge need for 2 of these




$5.00 each
ongoing need

In order to try and save our hands, work gloves are a must. With all of the digging, pulling up of old posts, and pounding in of new ones, this small purchase will help to minimize the amount of charming blisters that will form.