When Ramba Puts On Her Own Blanket :)

Ramba in ChileThis is what happens when Ramba tries to put on her own blanket. 

When it’s chilly out, Caro and Consu leave her blanket hanging over her stall at night, in case she decides she would like it. Ramba is usually more successful than this, but we all have our moments. Consu did put it on her the ‘correct’ way, but not until she took a photo.

For those who wonder- yes, Ramba has a bigger thicker elephant blanket, but it’s not that cold yet and she prefers her lighter one. Ramba isn’t terribly fond of her blankets, but will wear them when needed, at least for a short time. Her barn is heated, but the blankets are good for when she goes outside. And lastly, Ramba is handled through protected contact, so her blanket is put on from outside her stall- which sometimes takes a bit of adjusting.

As for all of us at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, the trucker strike is still on and from what we hear, making news in the US now. Internet is still working, we’re all fine and well stocked. The first issue that will arise for us is fuel. You can’t get gas anymore at this point. We stocked up the last day anyone could, but town is an hour and a half away and the truck only holds enough for 3 trips and we’re two down. We have numerous gas canisters here, but we have the four wheeler that is needed to care for the girls. If that runs out, we’ll be doing it the old fashion way, walking and wheelbarrows. It’s a lovely place for a long walk

Ramba after Consu gave her a hand:

Ramba in Chile


May 27, 2018


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    Susan says

    The Ramba portion of this post is adorable and I so appreciate all the updates. However, I am disturbed that her transport fund is not growing. I will try to help remind people on Instagram. And thank you for info on the strike. Most disturbing. I am worried sick about Brazil getting this worked out since fuel must be affordable for everyone. What a mess! Bless all of you and Maia and Guida who bring me so many smiles. Pelu updates are also so welcome not to mention the concern on the precious Mendoza Four. Please continue to keep us posted. I so look forward tho these and the Instagram posts. Love you lots!

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