What Brings It All Back In Balance

Maia People have asked of late, how we remain so patient through all of the delays with permits and rescues. And the reality is, just like anyone else, we have our days where it gets to us as well. On those days this is what brings it all back in balance.

Sanctuary is a ton of work, a lesson in patience and at times a test of wills, but spending just a single moment looking at Maia, surrounded by natural beauty, contentedly eating, brings it all into perspective. Maia and Guida spent over five years, on chains, waiting for something better to come along. Their life was abysmal, but they didn’t have an alternative. They went from muck and chains, to this.

But as stunning as their physical surroundings are, it’s nothing compared to the emotional changes they have been through in the past year and a half. They’re so content, relaxed, loving, joyous, silly and stubborn-they are able to be whatever they want to be. They are radiant and strong and their relationship with each other contains a level of adoration that we didn’t know they would ever get to. They’re home, forever, and they have other friends on the way.

All of the frustrations melt away in a moment of looking at their life now, who sanctuary has allowed them to become and knowing this is worth waiting for.



And so we keep the balance, here’s lovely Guida taken just 5 minutes after the photo of Maia yesterday. As you can probably tell, it’s a beautiful time of the evening. The macaws loudly announce it’s time for bed as they fly in groups and pairs towards the hills. It’s almost like it’s time for the shift of guards; the songbirds chirping and tweeting begins to soften and the nighttime bugs enter the picture with a quiet introduction. Everything is still illuminated, but it has the glow of sunset and the edge of the heat of the day has already dissipated. The girls are content with their grain and produce, all of the muscles in their bodies relaxed, soft eyes, slight smiles. It’s the perfect time to sit and appreciate the life we are all able to share here at sanctuary.

You can’t ask for more.


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