Elephant Sanctuary Brazil has Won a Grant from LUSH Cosmetics

We have another great announcement this week. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil has been awarded LUSH’s top grant of $26,000 towards the development of the sanctuary! This money will go a long way with helping the elephants, but it’s great in many other ways. Along with the grant, they may also feature Elephant Sanctuary Brazil on their “charity pots” with a little write up about who we are and a photo of beautiful Ramba, to further increase awareness and support.

LUSH Cosmetics is a company that I am personally familiar with and have purchased from since I was much younger, just starting to look for products that were not tested on animals (which was really difficult back then.) It’s fabulous that things have now come full circle. Rob Laidlaw, from ZooCheck Canada, introduced us to someone in LUSH’s program, which is another bonus; animal organizations looking out for and helping one another.

LUSH launched “charity pots” in 2007, and since then have donated over $10,000,000 to over 850 grassroots charities in 42 different countries. They aim to support new and smaller organizations, where their grant money will have a bigger impact. Along with donating to nonprofits, they also award those who are innovative in finding alternatives to animal testing. Their products use green packaging, sustainable sourcing, fresh ingredients, and, of course, don’t test on animals. It’s amazing to see a company that not only goes out of their way to be environmentally and globally conscious, but who also then use their success to help others.


ESB is not yet listed on their website on their “charity pot” page, and the pot with Ramba’s photo and ESB is not yet available. We will keep you posted if/when it is, just in case you want to get one for yourself. You can check out their website here and read more about “charity pots” and see some of the other organizations they have helped throughout the year.

We are extremely grateful for their generosity, not only to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, but for going the extra mile to try and make a positive difference in the world.

Watch for new developments as LUSH’s generous grant helps us move closer to offering Sanctuary to elephants of South America. To donate towards the creation of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and help bring us closer to being able to rescue elephants, go here.

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