We’ve Noticed a Shift. A Good Shift


Rana has been a little different lately (in a good way). It has even been evident in photos – her photos have come out more gorgeous than ever.

Rana has always been engaged and present, but, somehow, her eyes just seem bigger and brighter lately. She has small, dark-colored eyes, but in the past few weeks, they have appear more open.

She is always light, but she’s become a little more luminous, with big, wide-open eyes.

We tell the girls everything, and when Scott told her something exciting the other day, she gave a big rumble and became so squeaky. It was a very sweet moment, and further demonstrated the change in her.

It’s hard to express the change – because Rana is always our happy elephant, but she just seems happier and more content. There’s been some sort of shift, and we have no way of knowing what it is, but it is charming to witness even if it’s hard to quantify.

May 8, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Julie says

    I bet the Ellies drink in every word that comes out of your mouths! What a cute story about Rana and Scott. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for her! It sounds like she is just naturally happy but sanctuary is filling out her happiness even more. Yay, Rana!

  2. REPLY
    Carol says

    So lovely. Hope she continues to be content and glowing. ???

  3. REPLY
    Lila says

    My gorgeous happy wide-eyed Rana <3 <3 <3

  4. REPLY
    Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown says

    She’s picking up all the love that is directed at her and all the elephants and founders and carers. Elephants are just as sensitive as we are to what comes towards them. Your comments just confirm that 🙂


  5. REPLY
    Patricia says

    I am so grateful every day to hear these smart, adorable stories. The squeaks! I wish I could kiss her, and all the elli girls, well, and all the elephants in the world!!Hugs!!!

  6. REPLY
    carey says

    Lovely lovely news, heart felt thanks

  7. REPLY
    Nishant Bhajaria says

    These photos you post are so beautiful.

  8. REPLY
    Jillyp says

    Beautiful Rana bug is blossoming in thé love and care at the sanctuary – she knows you listen to her and it’s so lovely she listens to you and responds to exciting news. You are just so beautiful with the girls, thank you for all your love, care and work for them ?????

  9. REPLY
    Sherry says

    You are so lucky to witness Rana’s big eyes! This is your payback! Have a wonderful day!

  10. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Think I will start calling her “Radiant Rana”. Love her!!

  11. REPLY
    Guadalupe says

    Sus ojos brillan de gratitud!!! Hermosa Rana❤️?❤️

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