Our Website

Welcome to our new website! We appreciate you coming by and taking the time to learn more about our mission and our current projects. This website is a labor of love and a work in progress. The world is constantly changing, viewpoints are evolving, revelations are occurring all the time, and our website will reflect this.

Our homepage blog section will be the place to go to for frequent developments regarding the Elephant Sanctuary Brazil project including fund raising goals, political changes, details from our trip, and elephant updates. The blog will also consist of discussions regarding some questions that may need exploration or explanation about elephants in captivity, aspects of sanctuary, and the role of humans in an elephant’s world. News articles will be posted as they occur (related to Ivory and Poaching, Zoos, Circuses, and Fairs, Global happenings, and General elephant topics), education will be revised with new discoveries, and new videos will be highlighted to showcase the work that is being done for elephants and the struggles they continue to face. We have a few features we haven’t had time to implement on our brand new site yet; they will appear as we continue to grow. We hope to bring you information and stories that will interest, inspire, have you questioning things, and ultimately motivate you to make a difference. We are very excited to have this space to share with all of you and help to make a difference in the lives of captive elephants around the globe.

September 28, 2013