You may be asking yourself “What is a Webquest?” A webquest is a quest that teachers give students in order for them to research, problem-solve and create. Two teachers created these Webquests to help their students understand elephants and captivity a little better.  The students are given links to articles and websites, which they have to use to gather information, and then make a presentation that voices their own opinion on what they have learned.  Below you will find three links, each to a Webquest that can be readily used by a teacher, for their class. If the teacher so desires, the resulting projects can be sent to Global Sanctuary for Elephants, where we can share the students’ creations with our followers.

“What does it take for an elephant to survive?”
Grade level 3-5


“Which Life Would You Choose for Me?”
Grade level 6-8


“Why are sanctuaries necessary for captive elephants?”
Grade level 6-8