We Have Steel

building elephant sanctuary brazil

We have steel!!

Although this might not sound like the most exciting phrase in the world, for elephants in South America it is. We received our first load of steel last week which will allow us to start building the first Elephant Care Center. Things are beginning to take shape and an elephant sanctuary is coming to life here in Brazil.

Not only do we have steel, tools donated from our Wishlist and a rented skid steer, but we have two long-term volunteers coming to help get things started off right. One worked with us in Tennessee and has experience with building elephant fences (not many people can say that) and the other has overall construction experience (along with some other really handy skills.) They will help expedite the building of facilities and with teaching locals the welding skills needed to construct things in a manner that stands up to elephants.

12710725_863538490423786_3881627731308293727_oThings are not at a place where we can rescue elephants just yet. There are still additional funds needed to be able to complete the construction needed to begin rescuing elephants like Ramba, Maia and Guida. You too can help with construction by donating funds that will allow us to finish this first phase and start bringing elephants home to sanctuary. Elephant Sanctuary Brazil has come a long way, but the elephants still need you to help make it their home.


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    Terry says

    Thanks for your hard work, hope the steel fence can protect the security of the elephants.

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