We are Wells Fargo Contest Grand Prize Winners!!

We Won!!

More Fabulous news that we are super excited to share. Global Sanctuary for Elephants is one of the 5 grand prize winners of the Wells Fargo Works contest!!!

We will receive a total of $26,000 ($1,000 for being a finalist and $25,000 for being a winner) and a 6-month business development mentorship. This is amazing news and we are thrilled that it will put us another big step closer to being able to rescue elephants in South America.

Wells Fargo knows what a struggle a new undertaking can be, and created this contest to make a tremendous impact when organizations and businesses need it the most. I am sure that all 5 businesses that won would all agree that support, like what Wells Fargo is giving, can be the financial and emotional incentive that is needed to ensure success. For our development of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, this gift and support could not come at a more perfect time. We are absolutely grateful to Wells Fargo for seeing the purpose in our mission, believing in us and wanting to support our efforts to give back to captive elephants.

Last week the grant from LUSH, and this week being awarded the grand prize from Wells Fargo, have made huge strides toward our ultimate goal of $450,000, for the first phase of development. But we have a long way to go, and please remember that every dollar counts. No sanctuary could exist if it wasn’t for the support of thousands of people, many who give what they can spare that week. We smile and are honored by every single donation that comes in knowing that it takes us closer to bringing Ramba and others home to sanctuary in Brazil. This is the ultimate goal that has brought all of us together, sanctuary for elephants.

To help us get even closer to our goal of being able to rescue elephants in South America, you can donate here or to donate with PayPal follow this link.  To see a listing of the other 4 winners, you can go here.

A huge thank you again to our supporters and those of you who voted. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide a better life for captive elephants.

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