Watch Maia Getting Closer to Ramba

Ramba was out by the pond this morning, but we walked her back to the barn to have her come inside and work a little bit with getting her more comfortable with examinations, touching, and treatment. All three girls met up by the barn. Maia is still separated from Rana and Ramba, but that will soon change.

Maia (on the left) was waiting at the gate to say hello and Ramba walked right up to her and then took a step back when Maia reached right out and touched her. But Ramba didn’t walk away, she stayed and allowed Maia to touch different parts of her, even reaching out her own trunk to touch Maia’s. (sorry, before Scott started the video).

You can see in the video that Ramba does a little head waggle, this is a ‘silly’ behavior. She also makes some very quiet vocalizations, which were all very positive. The end also shows Ramba’s face for a moment and you can see how relaxed she is. At any point she could have walked away and didn’t have to approach at all, it’s all her choice. After this interaction, Ramba went into the same stall as Rana (on her own, not asked, gates open) and touched her a bit. Her confidence is growing.

We will most likely open up the habitat so all three girls can be together either today or tomorrow. It just depends on what we see from the elephants. We never have a definitive plan of this will happen on this day, we ‘read the room’ and see what all of the elephants are displaying. We will do our best to keep you posted.

October 25, 2019

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    Jane Taylor says

    Did the urinating mean anything?

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    Wonderful! Thank you

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