Walks with Goomba

Some of you already know Goomba (the dog with the wheels). He was a sanctuary dog in Tennessee who made the trip to Brazil along with Maggie. He started to have neurologic issues a couple of months ago and now finds himself in a doggie wheelchair. He no longer has use of his back legs, but doesn’t seem to be in any pain. Sometimes he seems frustrated that his body doesn’t listen anymore, but most of the time he’s just happy to be resting at my feet. He’s 14. And the shaved area is from a diagnostic spinal test.

The rest of the pack is everyone but Maggie (who is 16 and a couch dog) and Molly, who’s just lazy, although she comes on about half of the walks. We go for long walks three times a day and this is the usual crowd. The cats have always been this way and will walk down to the barn if you do. We call them puppy kitties- they’ve always seemed to believe they were part of the pack.

Although this is still new for everyone, you can tell Goomba enjoys the company. He does on occasion run over a foot or a cat’s tail, but everyone takes it in stride. We’re all learning. 

November 9, 2018


Meet our furry sanctuary family →


  1. REPLY
    Sherry says

    I love you all for taking care of all the animals!!!

  2. REPLY
    Mary says

    Love you GSE! ~ xoxo

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    Tom DiCarrado says


  4. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    I love that you take care of the dogs, horse, chickens, cats and Guida & Maia of course!

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