Update on Lovely Ramba in Chile

Ramba in Chile

Time for an update on our lovely grandma Ramba in Chile, all bright eyed and bushy tailed in this photo while enjoying some fresh water directly from the hose. Cheeky girl.  

Update from Caro (one of Ramba’s caregivers in Chile):

“We had a gorgeous and pretty clean day after the rainy afternoon that start yesterday. Everything seemed reborn, bright, wanting to live, fresh snowy mountain air and laced fields…really beautiful!!  We can feel day by day a new spring is coming! Ramba spend almost all day in the yard, took a few naps very relax and graze a lot around the habitat. 

The park has been quiet the last days, not so people so we have more silence and we can enjoy the sound of the birds and some frogs that live near of the Ramba in Chiledinos ….this time is amazing, you can observe how are changing the things around you, what kind of species ( birds, insects, plants etc) are now growing or reappearing and which are disappear. Is a beautiful convivence, sometimes an almost perfect ecosystem that has become over the years by the simple and beautiful presence of our beloved and sweet grandmother Ramba. i can appreciate every day  and i feel that rambita also can perceive since part of her nature also belongs at that almost 1 hectárea where she lives… She gives life to the place and the grateful place reborn and then give life to her too… is a sweet harmony that we can observe in different times of the year.”

No updates on her relocation to sanctuary at this time.

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