Up Close With the Powerpuff Girls

The days are getting shorter as the seasons change here in Brazil. That means the sun is getting lower and lower on the horizon each night at dinner time. But that doesn’t stop the elephants from knowing when it’s time to eat. Here, Mara and Bambi have headed toward the fence in preparation for their meal; Rana had been wandering on her own for some afternoon exploration. You can hear that Mara and Bambi were having a conversation of sorts when Rana hurried over to join them. 

The three gather for a few moments before Bambi heads off down the fence line. Rana follows and Mara stays behind for a little longer, getting a bit of close-up screen time and offering a few squeaks for good measure. 

P.S.: We’ve mentioned before that anu birds like to follow the girls around to feast on the bugs that follow the elephants. You can hear them chattering away in the background here.


  1. REPLY
    Wim says

    Just pure magic.

  2. REPLY
    Johnny says

    I always think about what they are communicating in these videos. Interesting to contemplate. Love these girls.

  3. REPLY
    Robin Vitulle says

    I could watch them every day no matter what they do…. They know this is their home and no matter where they wander off to, they will always have tge time to come together and chat about their day. ♥️🙏🏼🐘🙏🏼♥️. Thank you GSE for giving them this peace and security. I am so happy inside knowing this is paradise for each and every one of them. 🥰

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